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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Oofuchi Nisai Kindai Showa for sale - Elite Koi Grimsby

New Stock Selected

Elite Koi have been selecting fish this week.

20 larger Japanese Koi have been selected for our stock tanks and will be listed on our site this week. The Mix of Nisai & Jumbo Tosai includes Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Gin Rin Showa, Ochiba, Hi Utsuri , Ki Utsuri, Shusie & Agasi.

These Koi are from Hirasawa, Maruiyu, Katsumi,Oofuchi and Tanaka.

Elite Koi have nearly 300 Koi to choose from starting at just £15

Click here to browse our listed Koi

Contact us if you wish to reserve any of the featured Koi.


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