Kujaku Development

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Elite Koi have witnessed some great development of our Kujaku. The Kujaku was purchased last year as 23cm Tosai. The following image was taken for the Kujaku to be entered into the Chatterkoi Photoshow. Here it came 1st in class & size.

Kujaku size 23cm Tosai Chatterkoi photoshow April 2016

The Kujaku has been fed exclusively on Aqua Source High Quality Foods and Treats  since it has been in our main pond and has demonstrated great development using Elite Koi's range of Koi foods.

Regular feeding will improve growth, development ,skin colour  and lustre , in addition to improved resistance against pathogens.

This photo of our Kujaku was taken Feb 2017 following the winter reduced feeding period.

Kujacku Show winner of class and size

Please feel free to contact us at Elite Koi if you wish to view our stock in Grimsby.

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