Koi Pond Ammonia & Nitrite levels rise following increase in feeding

Posted by Chris Jubb on

This is the time of year when we start to feed our treasured Koi again. 

We check our water parameters regularly using our Exact i-Dip. The i-Dip gives fast simple readings via Bluetooth to your phone or any other device with Bluetooth. Its so simple to use without the hassle of counting drops and setting timers to get your readings. Simply fill the cell with pond water and add the test strip of your choice to get an accurate reading. 

Having checked our parameters this morning in the main pond, we have noticed a small amount of Nitrite present. This slight increase is due to raising our feeding levels and will smooth out as the filter becomes more established following the winter. Adding an Aqua Balance Sphere will help smooth out any Ammonia & Nitrite spikes.

Our current feeding blend is 75% Aqua Source Wheatgerm & 25% Aqua Source All Season with Garlic .

We love to feed our fish All season with garlic as we believe the addition of garlic helps keep flukes at bay.





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