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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Winter Koi & Pond medications - Winter Koi Preparation - Elite Koi Grimsby - Koi Parasite removal

Winter Koi preparation

Winter preparation is well underway at Elite Koi. 

Mucous scrapes to check for parasites are regular across all of our systems, however special checks are being carried out on our unheated systems to ensure all of the Koi are healthy and parasite free before the temperatures drop much further.

Our choice of tratments against Costia, Chilodinella, White Spot and others become limited once the water temp has fallen below 12.5c.

It is therefore vital to ensure our Koi are parasite free.

Our feeding regime has already changed with the Koi being fed on the unheated systems with Takazumi Vital. 

The end of October will see us getting the pond covers ready to go on! The covers serve several purposes. The main being to help minimise Temperature fluctuations by keeping the wind chill off the pond and also stopping the water icing over. If you are using covers it is essential to keep them off the water surface and allow gas's to exchange. We had a feeding hatch fitted to ours and this is left open during the daylight hours.

Other benifits of covers are they keep leaves, fireworks and other debris out of the pond.

Fortunatly we have windows in our main pond and these allow us to monitor the Koi right through the winter whilst the covers are in place. Please monitor your Koi daily to ensure they are wintering well.

We have  a wide range of treatments available at our shop Elite Koi based at 

2a Charlton Street 


DN31 1SQ

Kusuri FMG, Acrivflaven, Fluke P&M,  Pottasium Permanganate, Chloromine T, Anti Bac's and top coat sealers to name a few.

Colombo Alparex, Lernex & Cytofex

JBL, Ektol bacpond, Acclipond, Medopond & Gyropond 

Aqua Source Kh/Ph Buffer, Pond Balls, Spheres, Enzyme & Remedy.

Evolution Aqua, Pure Pond balls, Bombs & Pure Gel.

Takazumi Vital and Yugen feeds.

We also have a large stock of PDV Salt at all times.



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