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Koi winter routine

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Koi winter routine We have cleaned both the Nexus 310 & the EB40 Bead filter on our main pond today. These filters are flushed 3-4 times a week at this time of year. The covers are helping maintain the pond at 10.5°c along with the stock tanks at 16°c. If your pond is covered, ensure you allow the pond to breath to prevent a build up of toxic gasses. [caption id="attachment_2627" align="alignnone" width="713"] Winter Covers[/caption] Another part of our routine is to regularly check the water parameters with our Exact iDip Smart Digital Water Testing, Custom Koi Pond Kit . The Ph...

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Ph & KH levels in your pond

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PH & KH Levels, The Koi season and summer is well and truly over now. As the season slows down we tend to sit back and not be so proactive in checking our water parameters, cleaning filters and doing water changes. Many of us heat our ponds during the colder months to stabilise the temperature and help maintain our Koi's immune systems at a level to prevent them from completely shutting down. Many fish keepers also cover their ponds to help keep the windchill off the water surface in an attempt to hold onto a little warmth as well as...

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