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Spring Parasites, Costia, Gill Flukes & Trichodina showing themselves

Spring Parasites, Costia, Gill Flukes & Trichodina showing themselves

Spring parasites are coming out in force

This week we have been to three customers ponds and identified, Costia, Gill Flukes and Trichodina.

Click to see Trichodina caught on camera. 

In all 3 cases the fish were showing signs of parasites, these included heavy mucus, red patches to the skin and lethargy. The fish infested with the trichodina were also flashing and flicking in their pond.
Early identification using a good microscope is essential to stopping further problems developing as our ponds warm up.
All 3 ponds have now been successfully treated with the correct medication to eradicate these parasites and follow up visits are planned to ensure they are gone.

Elite Koi recommend using Balance plus 50/50. Aqua Source Balance Plus is a high quality, special blend food, designed to promote a strong and healthy immune system. It is packed with pre-vitamins and increased levels of stabilised Vitamin C to keep your koi in top condition. Ideal to feed coming out of winter or when water temperatures are lower, or as an all year round food, the perfect balance of ingredients, along with Montmorillonite Clay and prebiotics will also ensure lower waste levels and a healthy koi. Perfect to feed after medication or (re)starting filters.

 Aqua balance balls and Spheres are another useful product to help reduce any harmful ammonia and Nitrite spikes following medications.

Balance balls and Spheres help reduce harmful Ammonia & Nitrite - Grimsby


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