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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Equipment used to ensure Koi and ponds are in good condition

Equipment used to ensure Koi and ponds are in good condition

Koi Health problem kit

Elite Koi's Koi & Pond health investigation kit 

Elite Koi has visited a pond recently to check water parameters and give it's Koi a scrape. First impressions showed the fish all looking happy going about there business and feeding.

Closer visual inspection revealed one active Koi with 1 raised scale and redness to its skin around the area of the raised scale. This was the only fish showing any signs of ill health.

Immediately we checked the ponds water parameters, pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, & Nitrite.  using the Exact i-Dip. Everything looked good.

Exact i-Dip

Next a salt bath was prepared for the Koi and the microscope prepared to examine a scrape from the fish before it had a dip in the salt bath. Our protocol for salt bathing Koi is 3oz salt per 1 Gallon of pond water. The fish is added for a maximum of 10 minutes but returned to the pond if showing any signs of distress.  see one of Elite Koi's fish taking a salt bath.

 Whilst the pond owner kept a close check on the Koi in the salt bath, I started to examine a scrape taken from the fish under the microscope. Very quickly the scrape revealed the parasite Costia and explained the condition of the Koi. Costia outbreaks can prove fatal to pond fish if left unchecked. Click here for more information on Koi parasites and treatments.

Having identified the correct parasite causing the problems with the use of a microscope the pond owner has added the correct medication to deal with the outbreak and we will be visiting again next week for a follow up scrape and water parameter test. 

Treatment used for Costia


Please contact us here for more information. Elite Koi may be able to arrange a visit to your pond.

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