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Elite Koi's October feeding routine 2016

October feeding routine for main pond & fish house Summer 2016 is behind us now and Elite Koi are in the process of adjusting the blend of high quality Aqua Source Koi foods given to our own Koi for our October feeding routine. October's feeding routine will consist of 75% All Season with Garlic and 25% Wheatgerm,. Although there is no need to blend Aqua Source Koi Feeds, we like to offer our Koi more than one variety at once, this ensures we are feeding our fish, a balanced nutritional diet whilst combining the benefits of differing ingredients. Elite Koi's main pond is heated by an LPG gas boiler situated in our fish house. The temperature thermostat is currently set at 16°c.. The long range forecast for October 2016 issued by the Met Office is for temps slightly higher than normal ( UK average temperatures for October  are around the 12°c mark and Elite Koi will slowly reduce the temperature of the main pond to 12°c by the end of the month. The purpose of the LPG boiler is to stabilise the temperature in the pond and prevent any large fluctuations in temperature.Our aim is to fast our Koi for 8 weeks over the winter period. This enables the fish to shed any fat reserves and promotes good body shape for next season whilst eliminating any health problems. The fish house containing our stock / growing on ponds will remain at 18°c over the whole winter period. The fish facility is heated by convection radiators using the heated water from the LPG boiler prior to the heat being exchanged in the main pond.As the building and water temperature remain at 18°c our stock Koi will continue feeding on a blend of Hi Growth, formulated to promote Rapid Growth and Development & Balance Plus Sinking/ Floating 50/50 Mix. This will ensure all the Koi including the shyer fish, receive the correct nutrition over the winter period. [caption id="attachment_2317" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Grow on facility Quarantine / Grow On Facility[/caption] Elite Koi will be promoting Free Postage and Packaging across our whole range of Koi related goods from Monday 3rd October 2016 until Tuesday 1st November 2016. Check out our website for great deals on all of our products. A further 5% off the final value of your goods is also available through our promotion. Please  Contact us  for further details.
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