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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale

Elite Koi ready and prepared for new Pond Season

Elite Koi is fast establishing itself as the number 1 supplier of quality Japanese Koi Carp for sale in North East Lincolnshire. Elite Koi  also supply all your pond dry good requirements.

Grimsby based Elite Koi - Grimsby Dock Tower

During the quieter winter months Chris has been busy re designing the pond systems, which will include our newest pond installation at our retail premises located at 2a Charlton Street, Grimsby. DN31 1SQ. 

Elite Koi Minutes from Grimsby Town Center & A180

Our choice of GRP / Fibreglass Koi tanks are manufactured by EZ ponds. Elite Koi are a distributor of these tanks throughout the North of England. A range of these fantastic, robust Koi tanks are installed and on display at our premises. Customers are welcome to come and view the display tanks in use and discuss any requirements they have.


Koi Tanks provide a fast solution to owning a Koi pond. A wide range of filter equipment to accompany your new Koi tank and to suit all budgets is available to view and purchase along with pipework and fittings.

     Koi tank with windows for sale 750 gallon Koi Tank with viewing window for sale

Shop Pond Systems

Currently 2 systems are fully up & running. The first system housing Japanese Koi for sale ranging from £15 - £75, consists of three 300 Gallon EZ Ponds. These ponds are filtered by our Burtons BD 150 combi drum via 4" standard bottom drains. This unit has a small footprint and is capable of pulling over 18,000 litres of water an hour. The bio side of the combi contains approx 100 litres of K1 and Hel-X media. This combi unit has excelled in our expectations and can be bought from our shop for less than £2000 !!! Since the arrival and fitting of this compact combination drum filter we have already ordered three more for customers.                



Two variable flow water pumps are installed on the system, the first an Auga 10,000 vari flow feeds two of the ponds direct from the drum and the second, an Aqua Forte 10,000, feeds a 3 tier Shower direct into the third pond. Our shower media of choice is Bacteria Home Media and this along with the water pumps are available for sale at the shop. Air is supplied to all 3 ponds and the Bio media in the Combi by an Aqua Forte V60 series air pump. The final element of any fitration system, the UV unit chossen and  fitted is an Evolution Aqua EVO 25 Watt professional UV clarifyer.


Koi Ponds & Pond filters for sale

Elite Koi's second system consists of 3 EZ500QT's, one of which has an infinity window fitted. All 3 GRP/Fibreglass Koi Tanks are fitted with 4" standard bottom drains. 110mm black solvent weld pipe & fittings are used to supply an Evolution Aqua Nexus 210 filter. Each pond has its own 110mm slide valve fitted for purging the drains. A Draco drop in drum has been fitted to the Nexus and this unit is delivering fantastic water clarity along with removing the need to clean the Nexus Easy. Filtered water then passes through a Cloverleaf 2KW heater, through an Auga 10.000 which is pushing the water back to the ponds through an EVO 25 Watt UV clarifer and finally over a 2 tier shower containing Bacteria Home Media. 


Our final Koi system to be fitted for 2019 will consist of a bespoke GRP Koi tank measuring 14ft x 5 ft x 3ft depth. This EZ Koi tank will have a Spindrifter Bottom drain fitted along with a large viewing window. This system is being installed to house our larger Koi and will be filtered by a BD 150 & 3 tier shower.


All of the above GRP Koi Tanks, Filters, pumps and other equipment along with our Japanese Koi are available to view and buy at our shop. Chris is always happy to discuss any requirements you have wether it be a new pond build or problems you experiencing withy your current pond. 

Elite Koi are only minutes from the A180, making us an ideally located to the Town Center & Motorway network.

Visit us between 10am - 4pm, Wednesday - Sunday at

2a Charlton Street. Grimsby. DN31 1SQ

(if coming from the A180 with a satnav, turn right at the junction of Armstrong Street & Charlton Street)

Call us on 07561 804263

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