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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 3:30pm
Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 3:30pm

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Elite Koi is a UK dealer of Japanese Koi Carp & supplier of Pond Foods (including Goldfish & Sturgeon), Treats, Filters, Pumps & medias to name a few. All our pond equipment comes from some of the Countries leading manufacturers including but not limited to Evolution Aqua, Aqua Source, Aqua Forte, JBL & Kusuri.

Pond For Sale

EZ Ponds are our number 1 choice in Fibreglass / GRP  Koi Ponds & Tanks and Elite Koi are an authorized supplier of the full range of tanks. A selection of EZ Ponds / Tanks are used in our retail premises and anyone is welcome to view the moulded range & our bespoke 1100 Gallon Tank ( expected Feb 2019). Chris can also discuss any requirements you have and help plan your future Koi pond / Koi tank. Full packages with different options of preferred filtration can be put together along with quotes for fitting. 

Pond Filters for sale & available to view working

Our current filters being used and on display on system 1, include Nexus 210 with a Draco Drop in feeding a 2 tier Shower. Our Shower media of choice is Bacteria Home Media and the Nexus contains approximately 200 litres of K1 & Hel-X media. The combination is filtering a 1500 Gallon system. Mature media is for sale from this system in limited quantities

The system also inculdes an EVO 25 UV unit and is pumped by an Auga 10,000 variable control pump. An Aqua Forte V 60 series Air Pump delivers oxygen to both the Nexus outer chamber and the ponds. 

System 2 equals approximately 900 Gallons and is filter through a Burtons Combi. The pond water is pumped over a 3 tier shower containing Bacteria Home Media using an Auga vari flow 10,000. As the system is split between three ponds an Aqua Forte DM vari flow 10,000 is also used. An Evo 25 Watt UV and Aqua Forte V 60 series Air pump completes the set up.

Both systems deliver crystal clear water and our water parameters which are recorded weekly have remained good. 

For Friendly advice and competitive quotes on all pond equipment please use our contact page to Contact Chris or Tracey

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