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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
BKKS National Koi Show

BKKS National Koi Show

Elite Koi are delighted to have been accepted to have a trade stand at the National show next weekend.

Here is a very small selection of some of the 300+ Japanese Koi Carp we are conditioning ready for the show.

We will also have a large selection of Tosai on display and available to buy from Hirasawa, Kase, Marusaka along with a small selection of Jumbo Tosai Purachina from Choguro.

 Jumbo Tosai Purachina available from Elite Koi - Grimsby




Hirasawa & Kase.

Along with the Koi, we will have a wide range of highly rated Aqua Source feeds & treats at special show prices.

Click to see Elite Koi's range of feeds & treats

The Exact i-Dip will be on display and in use keeping a close eye on the water parameters in our vats.

Many more dry products including the variable flow Auga pumps will also be on display and available for purchase.

This show is the biggest Koi event of the year and well worth a visit to see some outstanding and beautiful Koi on display.

Good luck to all entrants.

Please call in at our stand and say hello.



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